New Year, New Hairstyle

Welcome to 2014 ..bored with your barnet and looking to freshen things up, well now’s the perfect time.

When choosing a new hairstyle it helps to know your face shape, then you can find a cut that complements it.

Although men’s hair magazines have invented lots of different face shapes, there are four key shapes and you’ll be one of them: Round, Oval, Square or Triangular. Just like choosing a pair of glasses, choosing a new hairstyle is all about balance and contrast.

1            Round face men’s hairstyles

A round face is characterised by a face that’s almost as wide as it is tall and fleshier in the cheekbones and jawline.

If you have a round face, you want to go for men’s hairstyles that are more angular to add dimension. Stay away from full, rounded styles as these will only make your face look rounder. Choosing a hairstyle with height that’s tapered at the sides will help elongate a round face. An off-centre parting can also help minimise roundness.

2            Oval face men’s hairstyles

An oval face resembles the shape of an egg and is defined by a slightly rounded jaw with no prominent facial features.

You’re pretty lucky if you have an oval face as it’s considered the ideal shape as most men’s haircuts suit it, with one exception. A heavy fringe that covers most of your forehead will accentuate the roundness of your face, so this is a look to avoid.

3            Square face men’s hairstyles

A square face is almost as wide as it is long, has straight sides with a jaw and cheekbones of roughly the same width.

If you have a square face, you want to choose a hairstyle that will soften harsh lines. Tight, angular hairstyles are definitely not for you and will only make your jaw and chin look squarer. A soft, feathered cut that frames your face will complement sharper features.

4            Triangular face men’s hairstyles

A triangular face is characterised by a pointed chin and a wide forehead and cheekbones.

Like oval faces, triangular face shapes can also get away with most haircuts, although you need to avoid styles that are too heavy on top so you don’t accentuate a pointy chin. An offset parting swept to one side will help narrow your forehead area. Facial hair, particularly beards, can also add the illusion of width to the chin.

Face shape aside, other factors you should consider when choosing a new men’s hairstyle are hair texture – is yours curly, straight, thin, thick, balding – and hairline.

A good place to start looking for your ideal cut is in men’s hair magazines or searching on the Internet for celebrities’ haircuts. Find a model/celeb that has a similar face shape, hair texture and hairline to you. Our style gallery might also give you some inspiration.

If you want a new haircut but don’t know what style to go for, discuss your options with our barber’s in our Hailsham and Polegate barbershops, we’re always happy to guide you and don’t be afraid to experiment.



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